Global Language Partners (GLP) provides foreign spoken language interpretation making both language and the cultural context a centerpiece of our service solution to our clients. Some companies attempt to provide "language services" while ignoring the symbiotic nature that language has with culture. Our representatives interpret from the source language into a target native language ensuring accuracy and cultural context, therefore, the message is delivered transparently with the full intent and meaning of the speaker.

Our service solutions extend to diverse settings such as Financial, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Marketing, Schools, Technical, Personnel Training/Development, and Conference Environments. Our experienced and highly trained representatives are professionals carefully selected to meet the needs and requirements of each unique request. Our services may be scheduled by appointment, or in emergency situations.

*Consecutive Interpretation

*Simultaneous Interpretation

*Conference Interpretation




Global Language Partners (GLP) ensures that the highest caliber sign language interpreting service is provided to our Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing consumers. Sign language interpreting is unique and distinct comparative to spoken language interpreting. GLP understands the unique differences and works closely with our specialists exclusively within the sign language interpreting industry, and maintains a vested interest within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

GLP sign language interpreters are Nationally Certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and follow the RID Code of Professional Conduct. Acknowledging that RID certification is only a minimum standard, we personally screen each interpreter to ensure excellence for those we serve. 

Our interpreting services include, but are not limited to:

- Certified Deaf Interpreters

- English into American Sign Language (ASL)

- English into Signed Exact English (SEE)

- English into Signed English 

- ASL, SEE, Signed English into spoken English 

- Deaf/Blind/ Low and Close Vision 

- Oral interpreting 

- Cultural Education



Global Language Partners (GLP) understands the importance of a linguistically accurate translation. Our nationally and internationally certified translators are verified professionals rigorously screened and tested committed to strive in achieving our clients’ language solution. There is no request that we cannot fulfill. If a request is a single page, or beyond, you can rest assured that your translations solution can be found with us. No other company can offer the capabilities that GLP does to meet your multilingual challenges.


We provide document translation, website translation, multilingual desktop publishing, video captioning and subtitling. 


Our specializations include, but is not limited to:

- Business and Financial Documents 

- Immigration

- Legal Documents and Filings

- Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

- Medical Literature and Policy

- Multimedia and E-Learning

- Patents

- Private Correspondence

- Product Packaging

- Regulatory Documents

- Scientific and Technical Articles

- Technical Manuals

- Websites




GLP offers a wide range of business and management consulting services specializing in Leadership, Business Planning, and Culture in a multilingual environment.

Immigration Services
GLP provides comprehensive immigration services to ensure seamless relocation supported by our US immigration advisors.
Our process involves performing a full assessment of needs, determining the most appropriate immigration strategy and course of action, and completing the required documentation in order to submit the application. We closely monitor the progress of the file and offer full support services to our clients throughout the process.


International Tax
GLP provides strategies to help clients navigate an increasingly complex global environment.
Doing business in todays global economy provides extensive opportunities, however, it also presents risks that demand an in-depth understanding of compliance requirements across borders, as well as the ins and outs of local tax laws in developed and emerging markets. Our International Tax professionals leverage a deep understanding of the complex and changing tax environment worldwide. We have the experience to support our clients in the foreign jurisdictions where they operate. Our international connections help us ensure compliance with tax laws all over the world and manage global tax risk.